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We are an ambitious international logistics company. With over 20 years of experience, Girteka Logistics has become one of the strongest players in the European logistics market – one that is continuously growing and geographically expanding its operations.

More than 15.500 professional, energetic and continuously improving employees are at the core of our company’s success.

What really sets our team apart is how international we are. Girteka Logistics employs 20 different nationalities and on any given morning, you will hear at least 5 different languages on the way to your desk.

Do you dream of working for a company that feels international? Join our team!

Working at Girteka Logistics will give you the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of cultural differences. By interacting with people from multiple countries you will improve your language skills, daily.

Tolerance, cooperation and teamwork are some of our core values. We are socially and environmentally responsible, we care about education and we believe in physical fitness through sport. At Girteka Logistics, you will be free to take part in a variety of activities and join a dynamic team that works in a sector which is on the move 24/7.
2 000

back-office colleagues

12 700

professional drivers


different nationalities 
among colleagues


average age
in the company

Join us if you care about: 

  • Opportunities. Be it building your career, experiencing business situations that you have only read about in books or taking part in meaningful initiatives outside of the office.
  • Initiative. If you have a valuable business idea, you can implement it here.
  • High standards – for yourself and your colleagues. Because we know reaching targets takes hard work.
  • Achieving goals. Together. We are all one team working towards one goal.
  • Empathy.  We listen, understand and help each other. Girteka Logistics has one of the best new employee integration programs in Lithuania.
  • Communication - our core principle. Our employees talk things through and solve problems together. We are not afraid to speak up and we always listen to each other.
  • The future. Our employees care about a better tomorrow. We take part in social initiatives and put effort into creating a company that feels good to work for.