Training academy

Development is an important asset of Girteka Logistics, one we constantly invest in. We have more than 10 training programs focused on solving different work-related challenges. Also, all Girteka Logistics employees are given the opportunity to learn foreign languages or improve their skills!

In our company, training is organized and coordinated by a professional internal training team of the Training Academy that is ready to assist every individual in fields of sales, leadership and personal development:

Arnoldas – a real sales guru, shares his invaluable experience and helpful tips.

Asta introduces all newcomers to the Girteka Logistics team and gives them a comprehensive overview of the company’s activities.


Girteka Logistics Training Academy uses the innovative Girteka Learn training platform, which accompanies every colleague since the start of his or her career. This system benefits both the employee who can gain new knowledge every day and the manager who has the opportunity to monitor the learning progress of each and every member of the team.

Trainings organized by the Training Academy:
  • Beginner Day;
  • General Training – Stress and Emotion Management, Time planning, Public Speaking;
  • Manager Training – Three-level Sales Training for Beginners, Advanced Managers and Expert Managers;
  • Girteka Board Game;
  • Excursion to the Warehouses;
  • Excursion to the Transport Department;
  • Workshop for the Middle Managers;
  • Manager Reserve and Introductory Training for Managers;
  • E-Training at Girteka Learn.