Most of our employees work from 8.30 a.m. until 5.30 p.m., but the specific requirements of your position may need you to work on a rotating schedule.
The location of your work will depend on the department you’ll join. Our main offices are located in Vilnius and Šiauliai.
A workspace is provided for every new employee and on your first day, you’ll meet your colleague-mentor. During your first few months on the job, your mentor will tell you about their experience of working here, present the responsibilities of each team mate, show you around the office and help you understand the specifics of your job. Plus, you’ll take part in new employee training and orientation activities.
An impressive 74% of Girteka Group’s management employees have grown within the company. Having started at lower-level positions they now manage teams of various sizes. We aim to invest in our teams and develop them, so people who deliver great results are always appreciated and given proper recognition. Before we look for an external candidate to fill a higher position, we assess the skills of people who already work in a team. So remember that a job well done, proactiveness and helping your team achieve good results are all things that can help you succeed!
Depending on the specifics of your jobs, you may be offered a bonus system that will complement your wage. The size of your bonus will usually depend on your job performance.
Recruitment is usually made up of a few stages – usually, we require 2-3 job interviews before making the final decision. The first job interview is always held by our HR manager. If you prove to be a good match for the position, you can expect to meet your direct managers in job interviews within the following 2 weeks.
When hiring, we place great importance on making sure the company’s values and attitude to work responsibilities match those of our candidates. These are the values we adhere to every day:

I concentrate on eliminating the causes of a problem and not on finding someone to blame.
I think innovatively and am not afraid of change and innovation.
I respect my colleagues and their work – I am always professional and tactful.
I look for optimal solutions that match the needs of my colleagues, clients and partners.

I am quick to react to difficult situations and solve them without hesitation.
I accomplish my goals – this is my contribution to our company’s overall goals.
I keep promises I make to my colleagues and clients.
I do things that benefit my whole team and not just me.

I don’t look for people I could blame – I admit my mistakes and I’m ready to fix them.
I don’t hesitate to show initiative and suggest new ideas.
I give people recognition for their achievements and remember to thank them.
I share my professional knowledge and experience with colleagues.
We place great importance on developing the competences of our employees – starting with direct managers, who share their knowledge and experience, as well as through internal and external trainings we organise. Girteka Logistics is also home to the Training Academy where competent lecturers hold trainings that cover a multitude of work-related aspects. All employees who complete Training Academy courses are issued certificates.
WE CARE is more than a slogan for Girteka Logistics, it’s the core principle on which we build our business. WE CARE guide our daily operations and decisions in the five pillar - Clients, Hauliers, Colleagues, Our Community, Shareholders. Our values are THINK / ACT / LEAD. 
Transport and logistics services – international cargo transport.