Girteka Logistics colleagues were running in Vilnius Marathon

Our colleagues are not just logistics experts but also active sports enthusiasts. Every year we take part in Vilnius Marathon, and this year as many as 75 participants achieved great results! All of them was recognizable with our bright red T-shirts with “Why is everyone chasing me?” slogan.

The greatest crowd – 44 Girteka Logistics employees, started the 5 km stretch. Half-marathon (21.98 km) was completed by 5 Girteka Logistics employees, 10 km by 25 colleagues. Irena Džangirašvili from the Excise Goods Department, despite the hot weather on the day of the competition, successfully completed the whole marathon (42.195 km).

We are proud of our colleagues’ achievements and enthusiasm, each time the opportunity to take part in any running event is announced! One of the main pillars of the missionsof our company WE CARE– our colleagues. We rejoice, for being able to not only combine our talents while finding logistics solutions but also by actively spending our time together!