Girteka Logistics opens summer with a colourful festival

Over a thousand colleagues of Girteka Logistics revelled in an annual summer festival. Together in motion – the motto of the festival – was born not by accident. We are growing at a lightning speed, and our team and collaboration are key to the success of our organisation.

In 2018, Girteka Logistics was the fastest growing employer in Lithuania, so we invited all 650 new members of our team to participate in the fun-filled tasks for newcomers. This long-standing and unbroken tradition has become a truly special part of the festival. This year, quite a few colleagues danced a newcomer dance at a mass christening ceremony.

There were a lot of activities for thrill-seekers who tried the catapult and zip lining, as well as for music lovers who enjoyed a great show by G&G Sindikatas. We are proud of our colleagues and talented DJs who played in the evening programme.

The summer festival is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated and fun events. But the best part is that everyone who participated in the festival supported a social initiative of their choice and contributed to the good work of Mamų Unija, Žalias miškas or SOS gyvūnai. We Care!