Anna, 1 year at Girteka Logistics

First of all, my choice is driven by the dream, I am passionate about my job in logistics.
Back in the day, when I had to choose a country to study at for my Master’s degree I was already familiar with Vilnius University, and the beneficial position of Lithuania at EU transport market. I reckon, the sole theoretical background is not enough, and practice makes perfect. Hence, once I got accepted to VU, I began to plan my internship possibilities, and after long hours of research it was crystal clear - the best place to have my first experience is at Girteka Logistics. The things I appreciate the most are the attitude of the employees, the up-to-date technologies that are implemented into one  process.

I believe that each new intern adopts the spirit and speed of their entire team at Girteka Logistics, and that is simply impossible to stop at just the beginning. Working here you become eager to achieve more and more. I am not an exception, and without a doubt there are prominent times to come.