Summer Festival: 1,000 colleagues and Lithuanian record

The summer festival is one of the most awaited Girteka Logistics events, where around 1,000 colleagues gathers! At the summer festival, colleagues strengthen their sense of unity and cooperation. Together we were reminded of the immense power of our team – being united by a common goal and understanding that by working together every day we can „conquer“ the world!

At the festival, colleagues had many activities to choose from: dive into the entertainment of the 20th century, make gifts for their coworkers, test water activities and reveal hidden talents. We celebrated together with Leonardas Pobedonoscevas and Dileta, colorfully welcomed new employees, and in the evening watched Marijonas Mikutavičius performance.

Positive emotions poured over everyone as we blew bubbles and together set the first Girteka Logistics record ever, which was recorded in the Lithuanian Book of Records! This record achievement in Lithuania allows us to have even higher logistics records in both the company and market. After the summer festival, all the colleagues of the Girteka Logistics‘ feel even more united as they confidently and purposefully move towards the same shared goal.