140 Girteka Logistics management gathered to discuss future plans

During this years annual meeting, 140 company executives gathered again to discuss the results of the last year and Girteka Logistics future plans. We have so much to be proud of – starting with the contribution of each of our colleagues and the many achievements and results from taking giant steps in the market. Reflecting on the years challenges, all the leaders sent a word of thanks to their teams for their immense efforts, ideas, and continued team mileage.

Over the past 10 years, Girteka Logistics has grown stronger and emerged as a leader in many ways – by implementing innovation, dictating market trends and bravely entering new global markets. Here in Girteka Logistics we all know that we are more than just numbers in Excel spreadsheets – behind every important job stands a 11.000 people team, united and lead by our WE CARE mission.  

In 2017, Girteka Logistics grew 29.7% by significantly increasing the number of transporting cargoes, trucks and employees. However, the key to our success was our strong focus on improving services, communication and employee integration.

The world does not stand still, and that‘s why all of Girteka Logistics team is motivated to reach further, even bigger company growth. From reflecting at the annual executive meeting we now see that company has surpassed results that were once thought to be unreachable. 

We are now able to believe that it is possible for Girteka Logistics to achieve even more and uphold our position of a leader in our market.