Girteka Logistics key partner in National Road Safety Day

Girteka Logistics was a key partner in the National Road Safety Day in cooperation with the Lithuanian Police and Lithuanian Road Administration. This prestigious event was held in Vilnius Cathedral square. 

„Girteka Logistics has 4.000 trucks and 4.300 trailers therefore road safety is our top priority. Our company mission is - We Care. This includes community, road safety and environmental protection.“ – stated Marketing division manager Neringa Rimšelienė and opened the event.

Two Girteka Logistics trucks and trailers supported this special day. Trailers were transformed into event scene and educational reflective zone. Drivers Academy trainers pointed out blind zones and briefed visitors how pedestrian should act while truck is on the road. Everyone could climb to the truck cab and enjoy the driver ‘s workplace as well as get acquainted with smart systems integrated there.

We kindly remind you: 
• Be attentive on the road;
• Wear reflectors;
• Respect and protect yourself and each other.