Girteka is perpetual dynamics. We’re in a global market where new approaches and improvements are constantly developed and we’re never falling behind. Every day, we decide how we’ll work tomorrow, the technologies we’ll implement and the ways in which we’ll solve challenges. Whenever I see a Girteka truck on the road, I’m proud I’m part of this whole process.

I don’t think I can keep track of how many of us are here at Girteka – there are so many people. But there hasn’t been a day when I felt like I was stuck in a rut. Constant change is such a powerful motivator that it has me looking forward to my next project while I’m working on the current one.

I’m proud of my team and happy to be a part of it. What Girteka can be sure of is that it has great specialists who are passionate about their jobs and extremely easy to work with. I never feel like the typical manager who has to keep track of what everyone is doing and evaluate them. We work as a team!