Be persistent, set a goal and reach it. Girteka gives you every opportunity to do it – you just have to use them.

We’d like to present Virginijus’ success story. He started his career at Girteka Logistics right after graduating in 2007 and he is now in charge of the sales division at our Thermo-regulated Cargo Department.

- Let’s start with a typical question: what did you study and why did you choose Girteka Logistics?
I studied Marketing Management at the Vilnius Law and Business College, where, in 2007, I was required to do an internship. I prepared my CV and sent it to every company I knew. As soon as I got my first offer, I immediately agreed. No, the offer was not from Girteka. But after a few weeks, one if its employees called me too. It was a very memorable conversation. When I was meeting a representative of Girteka’s HR department, my future manager entered the room. He asked me a couple of technical questions and immediately wanted to know if I’d like to work for Girteka and when can I start. It was a pleasant and amazing shock to me. I have never heard of anyone receiving a job offer at their initial interview. So I renegotiated things with the company I was already doing an internship at and immediately started work at Girteka. Why? Because back then it was already this big company with amazing opportunities. The team was young, ambitious and full of energy. What more could I want? It’s amazing to work in an environment where you’re valued, where people listen to your ideas and where you have the power to change things, to implement ideas and use your potential.

- What were your first days at Girteka Logistics like?
I won’t lie – very hard. I wasn’t used to open-plan offices, to their buzz and the large amount of people. And of course Axapta. It looked like this incomprehensible machine. This was my very first experience with the software – before I started at Girteka, there used to be people, known around the office as “axaptists”, who would enter data when we had cargo (laughs). It’s seems funny now, but this was true. But my colleagues were very friendly and helpful – they explained everything and had no trouble repeating themselves when I asked again. This really helped me get a hang of things.
- Your career is a real model for the rest of us. What helped you move up the ladder?
The first career achievements always depend on you. It’s really easy to make your way up in the beginning. You receive plans, you achieve and even exceed them – this is your key to success. Doing a few per cent more than everyone else.
It gets harder when you’re in charge of a team and your own success depends on the success of your team. This is when I started to learn about motivational techniques, setting the right goals and communicating with people effectively. I think you have to be a leader in order to be a successful manager: you have to fight for your team, help the people in it and take care of their growth. Because when they grow, you grow too.
- What advice would you offer to people who’ve just joined Girteka Group?
Be persistent, set a goal and see everything through. Keep at it and remember that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side – finish what you’ve started first.
- What’s the most difficult aspect in your daily work and how do you deal with it?
The trickiest thing is motivating my subordinates to not just pursue their personal goals, but also work to achieve the company’s goals. Because sometimes short-term personal goals lead to decisions that may be useful today, but not any good in the long-term perspective. So I always try to teach my team to look wide and deep.
- What do you think is the most important quality a person should have to work here?
The most important thing is to believe this family. Yes, Girteka is like family to me. I know that only trust and respect for each other can bring good results. After all, work is our second home, a place where we spend a significant chunk of our day. Your colleagues are like your family – if you ruin your relationship with them, you take that negative energy home to your real family. So I think the most important thing is for us all to get along - just as the cartoon character Leopold the Cat used to say.
- Do you remember any fun things that happened during your career here? Could you share them with us?
There are multiple things I can think of, each worth a separate story. The reason I like working here is because each day is a new adventure. It’s never boring. One of the more memorable events was when we had to simultaneously dispatch a high number of trucks from our warehouses. Each one had to carry a separate set of documents. This was before we had automated the process. I was so afraid of mixing some of them up I covered the whole office floor in documents and sorted them by car.