“Show a little, just the right amount of, persistence”

Our colleague Dainius, Manager of the Route Coordination Group at Girteka’s Second European Department, started his career with an internship. He chose his host company by chance, but this lead him to finding an employer he was certain he wanted to work for. Dainius says there a multiple new challenges that pop up every day and work here is never monotonous or boring. And that’s the best thing about it.
You’ve started your career at Girteka Group from an internship. Where were you studying at the time and why did you choose an internship here?
I was enrolled on a course at the Vilnius Law and Business College, which has since been renamed to the International School of Law and Business. The degree I was studying for was Transport Management.
I have to confess that I chose the company for my internship accidentally. You can even say that the internship chose me! Girteka Group was the only company I’ve sent my CV to and after the initial interview I received a phone call. They told me I’m qualified for this position. We immediately agreed on my start date.
Your first days in a big team probably weren’t very easy? Was it hard to become part of the team? Were you given any advice?
Honestly, I can’t really remember what was hardest back then. Probably dealing with a vast influx of new information.
Joining my team was a piece of cake though. The team was very friendly, just as it is now!
Why did you choose to work for Girteka Group after your internship?
I didn’t even consider any alternatives when my internship ended. Even before it did, I was certain this was the place I’d like to work at. Why? Because work here is very dynamic, it seldom feels routine. With this come various challenges that arise daily, but I liked dealing with them on my first week. And so, I stayed!
You started as an intern, now you’re group manager. What helped you in your career?
I think it was persistence and voicing my justified opinion. A good memory is very important as well, as is the ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances and markets.
Naturally, trusting your colleagues and being on good terms with them is paramount. If there’s no common ground between people, achieving good results will become very difficult. We work as a team. That’s why I always aim to be friendly and talk to my coworkers about more than just work.
What advice would you give to other students currently enrolled in internships at our company?
I’d say that when you do an internship in our group, you have to be more confident, listen to and, most importantly, hear your colleagues’ advice. And show a little, just the right amount of, persistence.
What’s the hardest part about your daily work and how do you deal with it?
The hardest thing is probably fighting stress that finds its way into my day. Especially during times when we don’t have enough cargo or we’re missing vehicles to meet demand; when your colleagues want more of you than you’re able to do at the time, more than what’s normally expected of you. But I always do my best to find the right solution to all problems we face, all conflicts that arise. Once the resolution is in place, we can carry on with our work.