Sales Manager

A sales manager’s responsibilities can be grouped into two areas. First, there’s quality customer service and customer relationship management with current clients. And second – sourcing new business clients. Presenting the company’s transport services, managing B2B negotiations and controlling client payments all fall under the responsibilities of a sales manager. People working in this position are constantly cooperating with colleagues and clients to solve issues we may face in the process of transporting cargo. Every day, sales managers talk to our clients scattered across the world.

The main responsibilities of a sales manager are:

  • Keeping in touch with our clients
  • Regular meetings with clients
  • Entering order data into our system
  • Representing our company in client relations
  • Solving problems we face: constant exchange of information between us and the client
  • Client debt management
  • Claims management
  • Client development/expansion – aiming to get a maximum number of orders
  • Sourcing new clients
  • Establishing new business contacts
  • Participating in exhibitions/conferences
  • Presenting the company’s services and selling them
  • Constant liaison with colleagues: transport managers, route coordinators, route planners.