Domas talks about his Data Analyst internship at Girteka Logistics

Domas graduated from Vilnius Jesuit High School three years ago, and he is currently studying Physics at the University of Exeter in England. Through his studies, Domas has become highly interested in the use of artificial intelligence for simulation-based optimisations as well as developing an interest in computer physics – including everything from solving problems in multidimensional equations to the movement of particles and stars in simulations. 

Domas completed his internship at Girteka Logistics as a Data Analyst working in the IT Department, where he enjoyed acquiring new knowledge and skills. “The team I have been working with is great, so work for me is very enjoyable at the moment,” said the intern happily.

For Domas, the most interesting position available at Girteka Logistics was that of a Data Analyst. “I’ve heard in university and elsewhere about information overload, and I know that the position of a Data Analyst is in high demand in the market at the current time,” Domas told us.

“Since I have studied Physics, I can constantly work with large amounts of data when analysing physical experiments. That is precisely the reason why I immediately accepted the offer from Girteka Logistics to join their team as Data Analyst for a new project. Girteka Logistics is also one of the largest logistics companies in Europe, so I thought that working in a large company with a great deal of experience and lots of data would be really interesting.”

“I will continue working at Girteka Logistics until the end of September, when my studies begin again. If there are any future opportunities, I will definitely be back.”

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